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What Exactly is Business Coaching? Do I really need it?

Coaching Basics

No matter what endeavours you undertake in life and how good you are at your craft, everybody needs a mentor and coach. It’s not only about having someone qualified to help you to improve your skillset, it’s about having someone you have confidence in to be able to inspire and encourage you along your journey. 

Do You Need Business Coaching

Do you have an amazing idea that you’d like to turn into a business?

Has your current business hit a plateau in sales?

Do you want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?


My Approach to Coaching

As a business owner for most of my working life, I understand the real-world problems that come with the territory.

I didn’t learn how to advise or coach from reading books or completing a university degree – I learned by making the mistakes myself.

It’s the expensive way of learning but, trust me, you don’t end up repeating the mistakes. So when it comes to Business Planning, Staff Recruitment, Management and Engagement, WH&S and its attendant minefield, Cash-flow and Profitability, and on to Exit Planning, there isn’t much that I haven’t been intimately involved with and I can help you build a High Performance Business.

Please watch the video to the right and then click on the link below the video to take you to my High Performance Business Quiz.

It’s complimentary and obligation-free and will give you an instant snapshot of your business.

What I Can Help You With

Business Coaching Packages



  • Initial Diagnostic – Online
  • Discovery Session – Personal Video Conference
  • Provide written Gap Analysis report – Email
  • Provide Business Success Map – Email
  • Ongoing support – Email


  • Initial Diagnostic – Online
  • Discovery Session – Personal Video Conference
  • Provide written Gap Analysis report – Email
  • Provide Business Success Map – Email
  • Monthly 2 hour Strategy Sessions – Video Conference/Phone
  • Provision of all required documentation
  • Ongoing support – Phone/Email


  • Initial Diagnostic – Online
  • Discovery Session – Personal Video Conference
  • Provide written Gap Analysis report – Email
  • Provide Business Success Map – Email
  • Fortnightly 2 hour Strategy Sessions – Face-To-Face
  • Provision of all required documentation
  • Ongoing support – Phone/Email

Business Coaching Services Overview

Master Plan Business Plans

If you fail to plan, you may as well plan to fail. A cliché? Yes, but based on fact.

Every business requires a Business Plan to map out your overall strategic direction and goals. Together, we can look at each success factor of your business and develop key strategies and action plans to achieve these goals.

Key Performance Indicators

The use of Key Performance Indicators will help you align and monitor your business strategies.

The KPI’s that you use depend on the Critical Success Factors of your business so let us work with you to identify those Success Factors and define the best KPI’s for your business.

We can then help you with rolling them out with the attendant benefits being more engaged staff, greater retention of customers and an increase to your bottom line.

Performance Reviews

How your team members engage with your business is critical to the success of your company.

Together we will help you to develop and implement a plan to align your people with your overall vision and work on systems to motivate and make them more accountable.

Part of that process is conducting regular Performance Reviews – please contact us to discuss your current staff situation and how we might be able to help.

Health & Safety / Quality Assurance

Every business needs to be mindful of their obligations under the various State WH&S Acts and Regulations.

We can work with you to conduct an audit of your existing WH&S operating structure and systems to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and best practice across every area of your business.

We can also assist with the introduction of a Quality Assurance program to ensure that your business, and it’s associated QA credentials, stands head and shoulders above your competition.

Virtual Chief Finance Officer

We use our award-winning audit software platform to perform a comprehensive financial health audit on your business to improve your revenue, profit and cashflow.

As part of our process, we will collate all your financial information and provide you with a structured process, including analysis of your business and provision of a detailed financial health check report.

Please contact us for more information.

Project / Deadline Management

Let us help you keep your staff accountable to their tasks and deadlines as described in their KPI’s.

We have a structured process for achieving this and remember, “What gets measured, gets done!”

Our processes have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes so contact us for further information.

Policies & Procedures

If a question needs to be asked, then a Policy or Procedure needs to be written, so now’s the time to get all those ad-hoc policies and how-to documents into one readily-accessible location.

Reading and understanding your business’s “Rules of the Game” will then form an integral part of the induction of all new employees as well as providing concise directions for existing team members.

Exit Strategy Planner

Nobody should start a business without knowing who they’ll sell it to, when they’ll sell it and for how much. But, unfortunately, that isn’t what happens.

Most business owners tend to fly by the seat of their pants until the day arrives when they decide, or have to sell, then it’s too late.

Let our tried and tested process help you pave the way to your profitable exit from your business.

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