"Your Business Success" Online Group Coaching

Welcome to the inspirational world of being coached in a group setting. There are many benefits to Group Coaching that help you to reach those new heights in your own business.


Do you feel like your business is running at less capacity than it should be? 90%? 80%? 70%? Even less?

Does the business operate effectively and profitably without you there?

Do you feel like you are working harder than everyone else?

Are you the best paid person in your business?

Are your staff part of the 31% that are engaged? (Source: Australian Institute of Management)

Or are they part of the other 69% that are working against you?

Are you completely across your WH&S obligations?

Do you use a robust HR system?

Are you stressed?

Do you have an Exit & Succession Plan?

Do you have a One-Page 90 Day Business Plan?


In other words – Are you running a High-Performance Business?

If not – why not?

Is your business running to potential
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Is it because you don’t have the time because your business requires so much input from you?

Or because you spend most of your day putting out spot-fires and managing staff and their never-ending needs?

Have you thought about engaging a Coach or Advisor, but the investment seems prohibitive?

Then join our “Your Business Success” Online Group Coaching Course and get re-inspired and invigorated. The course involves an online meeting once a month with a group of other business owners and an experienced facilitator and working together on a simple blueprint to improve your business over the 12-month program.

All from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

You will walk away with a more profitable, systemised and automated business where your employees will be driving the business to the next level.


This powerful “Your Business Success” Online Group Coaching Program provides you with a “step by step” process to build your business to a new level of success. Includes an interactive “How to” workbook outlining the simple steps that you need to take, access to advisors, advice from 84 top entrepreneurs on videos, resources, diagnostics, software & more.

Each month we meet for a live 3-hour session. We review your successes, obstacles and talk about the next level of improvement in your business. You are then given the tools, software and templates to introduce into your business over the next 30 days.

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Your Group Coaching Starts Here

You will also receive the entire range of MAUS SME Business Software free as part of the course. This alone is worth over $3,000!

And all of this requires an investment of just $500.00 + GST per calendar month for the full 12-month program.

The issues that affect business are common across all types of SME’s, and having peer-to-peer discussions and advice is an invaluable way to leverage the group’s knowledge.

Get ahead of the game and get your business off to the best start for 2020.

Access the Information Kit Below

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Our next course begins on Wednesday October 30th  2019 so please provide your name and email address to download an Information Pack.

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